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Samoa Post has the exclusive right to printing of Samoan stamps. The company from time to time print new stamps issues which can either be a Definitive Issue or Commemorative Issue or both each year.

These stamp issues are specifically designed to showcase the unique beauty of Samoa, or to commemorate special events such as anniversaries, signing of treaties or special celebrations. The paramount objective is to promote the beauty of the country through our stamps. Stamp Issues; vary from Beautiful Flowers, Fish species, the Endangered Birds Species, Birds of Samoa, the lovely Beaches, Sunset and Sunrises in Samoa, Churches and the uniqueness and happy faces of the Samoan people. This contribution is professionally designed by our overseas stamp agents to capture and experience the special colour, fragrance and beauty and diverse and unique cultural events in Samoa.

Here are some of the current stamp issues with a variety of past years stamp issue in our Archive for our Stamp Collectors. You can contact us through our contact address noted below if you want to place a stamp order: It is recommended for you to visit our Archives under the heading – Samoa Post Bulletins – which details the history of our country through our beautiful Samoan stamp issues.



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