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Prohibited and Restricted Items

For everyone sake you must be sure that whatever you are sending is safe, and will remain safe for its journey. The full list of items not acceptable for the mail is set out in the IATA regulations covering dangerous goods.
Samoa Post Office staff will be pleased to help but due to the complex nature of some products, it remains the responsibility of the sender to check these regulations to see if an item can be sent or not.

Prohibited goods:

The following goods and substances in any shape or form are prohibited. There are also other less common, prohibited items not listed.

  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Liquids, including medicine
  • Explosives: e.g. ammunition, fireworks igniters, flares, caps.
  • Compressed gases: e.g. all aerosol cans, cigarettes lighters, camping gas cylinders.
  • Flammables (rapid burning); e.g. paints matches petrol thinners some solvents and cleaning fluids.
  • Oxidizers (react when combined with oxygen):e.g. peroxide hair and textile dyes, peroxide disinfectants, fiberglass repair kit.
  • Corrosive (eat into other things: e.g. mercury (such as in a thermometer), bleach, varnish removing liquid, nitric acid, battery fluid.
  • Drugs and poisons: All drugs and poisons unless in a prescription quantities, and packaged correctly.
  • Other goods: All radioactive, highly magnetic, illegal, physical offensive or unsolicited indecent goods.
  • Obscene printed matter, newspaper or materials.

Send these Items with Care:

The items and substances below can be posted if they are packaged correctly. Ask your local Samoa Post Office for details on how to send them.

  • Electronic/electric appliances or devices containing dry cell batteries
  • Sharp edge or pointed items
  • Biological specimens and substances (must be sent by an authorized organizations such as hospital labs)

Please Remember:

When sending overseas, each country has it's own lists of prohibited and restricted goods. It is your responsibility to ensure that any item you send does not contain any prohibited goods and that all appropriate documentation is provided for restricted items.



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